This academic email address is already in use.

User 111546eed3

20-01-2016 01:37:36

Hi I'm trying to apply for the academic licence but I keep getting a message This academic email address is already in use. 

I've requested a trial version of something in the past.  Perhaps that's blocking my attempt to get the academic licence?  Could you help please.




ChemAxon 0265132c1a

20-01-2016 14:57:35

Hi Patrick,

I checked in our system, and it seems that you applied for academic license in the past (to be precise in 2013); but it seems that the license file was not generated... Which can be a trouble on our part.

That's the reason you receive this error message.

And so what?

You should login to our website. If you cannot, ping the email address. Then you can just visit your existing application here - on the top tabs move one step further; and hit the Update application button. 

I think this should work - though let me know if this is still not solved.