Marvin sketch in Moodle system

User 3eb4d017eb

22-12-2015 17:58:16

I would like to use the e-learning method  for the education of organic chemistry. I checked the moodle and it's plugins, and it is surprised  me. The Marvin sketch supported the moodle system! But  just with moodle version 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6. We used marvin in the education of chemist student, and we would like to use with  moodle too .  Do you have any information about compatibility of marvin sketch and moodle 3.0? Or just the Marvin for.NET can be implement with free web licence?


Thanks your answer!

ChemAxon 5433b8e56b

23-12-2015 20:32:50


we do not know much about the Moodle system, just the things we have found in the linked plugin search page. As I understood the information there, the listed Moodle plugins are using the Marvin Applets or MarvinJS package from Chemaxon, and you need to get a license for that from us, and put the provided package into a certain directory inside your Moodle installation.

Our sales team will be able to help you to get evaluation license, and to prepare an agreement between you and ChemAxon. You can find our sales contacts in our website here.

Regarding the compatibility, I think, the plugin developers can give you more details, but since the API is not changed in an incompatible way for the Applet package in the recent years, the plugin should be able to handle the newest versions of the Applet. However I think, the plugin development stopped because the applet technology is getting supported by less and less browsers. Chrome does not support it anymore, Edge will not support it at all, and the recent security restrictions in the Java Plugin makes it less and less comfortable to maintain a page with an applet embedded.

So I would suggest to select the Marvin JS based plugins, those seem to be maintained, and compatible with the newer versions of the Moodle system, I assume that this is the result of the recent decay of applet support in browsers and a natural reaction from any party in the web development industry to move towards JavaScript based solutions. The compatibility between the plugins and Marvin JS so the question which Marvin JS version is supported by the plugin can only be answered by the plugin developers since the Marvin JS API is extending continuously, and the compatibility I think depends on the used features of the Marvin JS package.

I hope this information helps, I am afraid that we are not really able to give you much more information about the Moodle ecosystem and plugins because we are not in contact with Moodle or the plugin developers. However we are here and willing to help in any troubles regarding the Marvin applet and Marvin JS package, and their installation also.

Best regards, and Merry Christmas!

User 3eb4d017eb

23-12-2015 21:08:41

Dear Istvan,


Thanks your answer. I will discussed with my colleague from our university, who has excellent expert with moodle. I hope we can solved this problem. First of all we will try the compatibility of this plugin with Moodle 3..or take contact with developer! If we need any licence or help, I will contact with your sales team.

I wish you Merry Christmas an Happy New Year.


Sincerely yours,