[Marvin JS] web apps integration

User c5123d1a1a

12-11-2015 12:07:56



Thanks for the academic license, we got some idea to develop a website/ web app for bioinformatics.


We would like to integrate the Marvin JS to our website to enable our users to draw their compounds. But we do not know if we are allowed to do so with our academic license.

The web service will be open to public but for academic use only.


There is an example (ChEMBL) of these kind of web service using Marvin JS:



We would like to ask if we can use our academic license for Mavin JS to develop our web app. Or which license we should use.


Thanks a lot!

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

12-11-2015 12:13:17

Dear Zhixu,

The academic research license is for named individuals only. For these purposes we have the FreeWeb license - please read more about the conditions on our website. This license covers the Marvin JS too - your academic research license does not include it.

If you read the conditions and you think you are fine with that, please confirm it here - and I will contact you in email to discuss the details about your license.