Problem installing academic licence file

User 2c155a027a

04-11-2015 09:19:50

Dear colleagues,

I am posting this message hoping somebody could help me since I have encountered a very estrange issue with my license file.

I am running JChem in Lunix 64 bits (ubuntu 14.04). Here the steps I have followed:

1. I have downloaded from my personal site in your server my license file.

2. Now I run LicenseManager64 and a gui window opens.

3. Then I browse to the license file and next click in install.

Apparently everything is ok, since my license appears in the istallation overview, and the license file is located in .chemaxon/license.cxl, but after closing the license manager and trying to run, for exemple, jklustor I get an error.

Here some screenshots:

Why is this happening?

Many thanks,


ChemAxon 54184d846f

04-11-2015 13:52:53

Dear Helena,


Could you please send me the screenshots via e-mail? 

Unfortunately I can't see them here.




eszabo91 _at_

User 2c155a027a

04-11-2015 14:53:34

I would love to, but I cannot find your email in your profile, could you help me with this?