Calculating Molecular Descriptors

User 9f48c10b8f

01-09-2015 20:26:02


I'm trying to calculate the Molecular Descriptors for some molecules, academic license does not allow me to do these calculations? I'll need to purchase a commercial license to perform these calculations?

I thank the information.


ChemAxon 0265132c1a

02-09-2015 07:19:29

Hi Ricardo,

I might be wrong here, but you only have an evaluation license, till Friday. That does not include molecular descriptors, you are right. However, if you apply for academic license here, and we accept your application, that license will include molecular descriptors.



User 9f48c10b8f

02-09-2015 11:00:08

Dear Janos,

thank you a lot for considerations. I am a teacher and researcher, I'll read the conditions for obtaining the academic license and make the request.

Hugs. Ricardo.