Separation of Academic Research and Teaching Licenses

User 8c57fe7217

29-05-2015 14:40:15

How would you recommend separating academic teaching and research licenses for ChemAxon products?

I think it would be possible to set up two installations, one directed to a folder named ChemAxon_Research and another named ChemAxon_Teaching. The academic research and teaching licenses could be put into their respective folders. However, what about JChem for MS Office?

Thank you for suggestions on this.

-- Rudy




ChemAxon 0265132c1a

22-10-2015 13:47:48

Hi Rudy,

Sorry for the late answer. In practice actually we are fine if you use only one license, the academic teaching license for both purposes.

The licenses cover the same ChemAxon products, the only difference is in the usage. Research license is for individual use, teaching license can be extended to your class. In the end you can use one license, just respect our conditions when re-applying and using it.

I usually suggest this to our users, using one license is a lot more convenient than setting up instances.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question though.