Academic licens to external collaborator?

User 57697567ef

20-04-2015 07:20:17

Hi ChemAxon,

I'm using JChem for Excel with an academic license, which I'm very happy about. Since I'm not a chemist I have an external collaborator to help me look at the right things in JChem, but it would be easier if he had the program too. Is it possible to get him an academic license as well even though he is not affiliated to a university (except through his collaboration with the research group that I'm in)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Anne Marie

ChemAxon 72e5b2f53a

10-06-2015 12:11:43

Hi Anne,

Apologies for the delayed reply, there has been a technical issue on the forum which is now fixed.

Regarding your question, the academic research license itself is for single use only but we do offer a group license for projects including external collaborators:

I hope that helps,


User 57697567ef

10-06-2015 12:25:46

Dear Emese,

Thank you for your reply. Don't worry about the delay :-)

Best regards,

Anne Marie