Teaching and Academic License

User 1cbb912c5a

27-01-2015 14:41:50

Dear all moderators,


I am working in two institutions, in the first one i am doing only research and only non-commercial studies - i have valid academic license. In the second institution i am doing only educations. Because it will be nice to learn student how to use IJC and Marvin tools, thus my question is do i have to apply to grant new license or can i use this which i have?


I will be very appreciate for help.


Best regards


ChemAxon 72e5b2f53a

30-01-2015 10:12:33

Hi there,

You can review and update your application here: http://www.chemaxon.com/my-chemaxon/my-academic-license/

You can describe your institutions and research/teaching aims on the 4th tab of the application form.

You'll probably be able to use your existing license for your research, but you'll need a separate license for teaching.

Have a nice day,