molconvert Conformers Plugin

User d4490af336

19-11-2014 14:03:02


I've been trying to generate a conformer library with molconvert however every time I run my script the following error occurs:

Error! License not set for Conformers Plugin

Only the lowest energy found conformer will be given back.

I'm currently working in the academic version so I assume I need to obtain a license to use this function properly. Could anyone point me in the right direction?



ChemAxon 72e5b2f53a

19-12-2014 12:13:50

Dear Parker,

Currently I don't see an academic license registered under your name.

In order to be eligible for our academic license, you need to be
enrolled at or work for an accredited bachelor's and master's
degree-granting academic organization (i.e. a place of learning,
especially a college or university) and have a corresponding email address (usually

You can apply for the academic license

In case you are not eligible for the individual academic research license (because you are not affiliated with a degree granting organization or you want to share the license within a research group or access database on a server), please contact sales at to help our colleagues find the best licensing option for you.


Have a nice day