Academic/Research License

User 9b0b2c1b48

03-07-2014 13:24:41

I'm a professor at a University and I
develop the Moodle question type plugins based on Marvin Applets. 
These plugins are available for Free download from  For
more info on the plugins see the EasyOChem Set on moodle at this link  I will be
presenting these at the 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
in August.

I'm in the process of converting these to use MarvinJS and its related

Could someone please email me concerning licensing of MarvinJS and webservices for my development efforts?

Carl LeBlond

ChemAxon 72e5b2f53a

04-07-2014 08:22:36

Unfortunately Marvin JS is not part of the academic package, we have contacted you regarding the possible options for your project via email.