Presentations from US UGM markush forum (Sept 2010)

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20-10-2010 12:54:18

I attach to this post 4 presentations shown during the US UGM Markush Forum. They are

  1. Analysing Search Hits with ChemAxon's Markush Enumeration Tool: Guy de Weck - Roche (pRED Informatics).

  2. Markush forum - open discussion: Szabolcs Csepregi - ChemAxon

  3. Markush forum Development (closed) discussion: Szabolcs Csepregi - ChemAxon

  4. Markush positioning230910: Don Walter - Thomson Reuters

Other resources from the US UGM include (presentations available, video in the next week):

  1. Markush project: Introducing Markush DARC support: Szabolcs Csepregi - ChemAxon

  2. Structure-based approaches to the indexing and retrieval of patent chemistry: Don Walter - Thomson Reuters

  3. Twenty ten, a year of JChem: Szabolcs Csepregi - ChemAxon