JChem license error

User 75a0fc02eb

14-01-2016 20:43:31

I'm trying to use Mollimporter but it keeps giving me this error:

ERROR MolImporter          0:1        Configure failed (LicenseInvalidException): Node doesn't have the license key.

Node category: IO Category

Please contact info-science _at_ infocom.co.jp to obtain the corresponding license.

For more information, please visit: http://www.infocom.co.jp/bio/develop/jchemextension_en.html

I have an Academic License for JChem and Marvin and I already set the license file on Preferences.

ChemAxon 9c0afc9aaf

15-01-2016 08:05:10

Hi Marcos,

The KNIME extensions are developed by a third party (Infocom) and they are not included in the Academic Package of ChemAxon.

You always also need a separate license file (.dat) from Infocom which you also have to install to use the KNIME components.

The good news is that AFAIK Infocom can give you an academic discount.

Best regards,