Academic license integration in Knime failed

User 25aae95547

11-06-2014 09:58:46

I installed the JChem Extensions 2.8.2.v0204 in Knime 2.9.2 and pointed to my academic license in the Knime preferences. However i still get the error message "Configure failed (LicenseInvalidException): Node doesn't have the license key." when i try to use for example the pKa node from the calculator plugins.

I dont know if i have to do something else with the license.cxl file but so far i just copied it to the chemaxon folder in the user directory (C:/Users/.../chemaxon).

I would appreciate any help to solve this issue.

ChemAxon 7fa93bc77d

11-06-2014 15:05:14

Dear Sascha,


Based on the message the issue is with the license for the nodes themselves. The ChemAxon license should be fine as you described.

First, could you make sure that the license path in KNIME>Preferences>KNIME>JChem is still set correctly. It happened to me that it forgot the path.

After setting the license file, open the configuration window of the failing node and click OK before executing it.




User 25aae95547

11-06-2014 20:22:51

Dear Attila,

thanks for your fast reply. I checked the settings in the preferences again and everything looks fine. I thought there might be a problem when i am running Knime as an admin and that i have to put the license file than in a different folder. However, i was not able to solve the issue so far and i still get the same error message.


Best regards,


ChemAxon 9c0afc9aaf

12-06-2014 06:30:00


Please send back your license file for KNIME, the file you are pointing to in the preferences (a .dat file) to support _at_, and we will examine it.



User 25aae95547

13-06-2014 18:34:23

Okay, problem solved.

I was just not aware of the additional license required for the Knime extensions and i thought the academical license from Chemaxon would be sufficient.

Thanks a lot for the fast support.

User 5f498e461b

08-02-2016 13:26:49

How did you solve it then?

I believe I have the same problem

Where to get this additional license required for the Knime extensions and where to install it??

ChemAxon 9c0afc9aaf

08-02-2016 18:35:29

Please see this topic regarding the license for the extensions: